How can I tell if my swimming pool is leaking or whether its evaporation?
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How can I tell if my swimming pool is leaking or whether its evaporation?

Are you going through a lot a water and are not sure whether you have a leak or whether it is merely evaporation?

The most common places that pools lose water is from faulty equipment, loose fittings, underground pipework, or a fault in the shell of the pool such as the returns, skimmer box, pool light or main drain. However, before you go too far with your research it is helpful to first rule out water loss from evaporation. There is a basic test you can complete to help you determine the correct answer.

The first step is to complete what is called “The Bucket Test”. This will determine whether or not your water is simply being evaporated or whether or not you have a leak that will require further investigation.

Carry out the Bucket Test by following these simple steps:

  • Step 1.

Obtain a Bucket and something waterproof to mark a couple of lines on the bucket with.

  • Step 2.

Fill the pool with water to the normal level.

  • Step 3.

Fill the bucket with pool water so it is approximately 20mm from the top of the rim of the bucket.

  • Step 4.

Place the bucket on the first or second step of your pool.

  • Step 5.

Make a mark where the water level is on the inside of the bucket as shown.


  • Step 6.

Turn the pump off and mark the pool water level on the outside of the bucket.


  • Step 7.

Turn the pump on and run for 24 hours.

  • Step 8.

Once 24 hours has passed compare the two water levels.

If the levels have dropped a similar amount then you are probably just losing water to evaporation.


If the water level in the pool (noted by the outside mark) has dropped significantly lower that the level of water in the bucket (noted by the inside mark) in comparison you probably have a leak.



Please note if it rains during the time that you are doing this test it is advisable to repeat the “Bucket Test”

Once you have determined which issue you have contact us, we can assist with solutions to reduce your water loss. Click here to enquire today or simply call 1300789123

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