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A1 Pool Service the Pool & Spa Care Specialists, Bribie Island, delivers an efficient, fast and thorough mobile pool maintenance services at your convenience. We also provide new pool equipment, installations, and repair services. Our regular Pool Management Service is available to domestic and commercial pools on a Monthly, Fortnightly or Weekly schedule. To set up an affordable and thorough cleaning schedule for your pool, go ahead and contact The Team at A1 Pool Service today!


What we offer

Let us do all the work for you so you can enjoy your pool to the fullest

  • Pool & Spa Cleaning
  • Pool Service & Pool Maintenance
  • Pool Water Testing & Analysis
  • Pool Equipment Sales,Service & Repairs
  • Pool Maintenance Demonstration/Instruction Service
  • Green Pool Recovery/Clean Ups.
  • Commercial Servicing & Maintenance
  • Energy Efficient Pool Pumps
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